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The collection

See the beautiful new Spring/Summer 2020 collection from designer Mathilde Torp Mader

By Malene Birger’s spring-summer 2020 collection is modern and polished, drawing inspiration from photographs of icons caught on the beach or in town: Lee Radziwill on the tennis cour, Lauren Bacall in summer suiting and Nina Simone in her crochet dresses, as well as the colourful summer dressing of the 60s. It captures the essence of summer: joy, warmth and a wonderful sense of abundance. With a nod to the relaxed bohemian style Scandinavians are famous for, the collection includes luxurious yet unpretentious fabrics like linen, quilted cotton, perforated suede and sumptuous silks.

Elegance is the new Black

In 2003, designer Malene Birger started the brand By Malene Birger. They started with 10 employees but now has over 100 employees and is sold in 42 countries worldwide. With a strong team, with Malene Birger in the lead, they focus on all aspects of the fashion industry, helping to develop and maintain the strong name.

It has always been Malene Birger's vision to create clothing in good quality, a piece of clothing that you can be proud to wear. Her collections exude luxury, good craftsmanship, and not least a very up to date design.

Today, By Malene Birger's collection is designed by danish comet Matilde Torp Mader
It has always been By Malene Birgers vision to create clothing i great quality, a piece of clothing that you can be proud to wear. The new team of By Malene Birger has managed to continue in Malene Birger's spiret. And the new collection reeks of luxury, great craft and really good design. 

Especially bags and mobilecovers has become a big part of the collection. 

By Malene Birger is worn by the celebrities, as Medina, Christiane Schaumburg-Müller and Pernille Rosendahl. As well as the royal, like Princess Marié, the crown princess Mary and Kate Middleton.