Here you can make a warranty claim

When you shop with us, we check all products for faults and defects before they are sent off, but there can always be things we miss, and we have the same attitude as we are sure that you have. There should just not be errors in brand new clothes.

Therefore, you of course always have the possibility to claim any errors or faults on your goods. Contact our customer service if you have a claim, or simply have questions about your order.

1. Write to customer service

Do you have a claim, please do not return it to us immediately. You need to first contact our customer service at [email protected] with your Claims. Please include pictures of the error, and remember to include your order number.

2. We will process your claim

The processing time can take up to 30 days due to supplier dialogue etc. it is often much faster, and you will get a response within a short time after we receive your claim. We always try to provide a similar product for you, or fix the error.

3. Finishing

As a starting point we always try to exchange your claim with a new. We check both the supplier's warehouse, and our own stock. does this not succeed, we offer a repair, if possible. If the product cannot either be replaced or be repaired you will of course refund.