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Fashion and design is all about being creative and trying out new styles and materials. The best way is always to find your own style, but sometimes a little inspiration finding the right combinations can be helpful.

I will try to inspire you with beautiful items from both fashion and interior design, but also everyday knick-knacks.

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Backstage with Sanne Kragelund

March 19, 2016 / Byflou.com
Tell us a little bit about how you spend your time? 
At the moment I spend my days in central London. I have lived here with my boyfriend for a year, after we quit our jobs in Denmark, packed our bags and left for London with a one-way ticket. We wanted to try something new. Live in a new city and challenge ourselves professionally and personally. We defiantly achieved that. 

My boyfriend works as a Motion Designer, while I work as a Freelance Interior Stylist and writer on various different projects. I’ve helped Design Letters style their shop in Selfridges, Oxford Street. At the same time, I work with Interior Stylist, Rikke Graff Juel, writing pieces for the interior features she does in ALT Interiør and Boligmagasinet. I also have several assignments writing for a Danish company. And of cause, I update my blog about interior design and lifestyle as well.

Where do you find inspiration to decorating? 
I find my inspiration through my work and the different people I work with. As a freelancer you are constantly in contact with a lot of different people, who are all interested in the same thing as you. That inspirers me. Besides that, I enjoy working in London with Tate Modern, V&A and National Portrait Gallery right in your backyard. I can’t wait until next week with London Design Week coming up. I hope to find a lot of new inspiration. 

Do you have an ultimate favourite thing when it comes to interior design? 
I must admit, that I never get tired if shopping for posters and photography’s. The collection can never be too big and there are always room for more. I like the idea that you can change the decorations on your wall whenever you want. 
Also, I am in love with the colour dusty pink. More so that other colours. I am drawn to that colour whenever it catches my eye in a window. No matter if it is in an interior or clothing store. It makes me happy all the way to my core. 
What is your best tip when decorating a room? 
My best tip is to make it your own. Don’t copy the magazines, but take the best pieces and mix it with your own personal style. It helps to think in colours. Find a good base of neutral furniture and pair them up with the colours of your choice. 

Describe your personal style… 
Right now, I can’t really brag about personal style. We live in a tiny room and that limits the possibilities. We prioritized living in central London and then you must compromise. Under normal circumstances, my style is minimalistic combined with colours to break the clean look. 

Which interior brands are your favourites? 
My favourites are the bigger brands such as Normann Copenhagen and Muuto. But also Bolia where in worked while finishing my degree as a Visual Merchandiser. I also like upcoming designers from Denmark such as Grand Stories Design, Kartotek and Kasia Lilja. And of cause design classics from Tom Dixon and Kay Bojesen. 

Do you have a few places that people should visit in London? 
If you are into prints, you should visit We Built This City on Canaby Street in Soho. It’s worth a visit. Future and Found in Northern London (close to Tufnell Park) have a lot of exciting design stuff – also from Denmark. 
I like the restaurant Flat Iron on Denmark Street. It is an amazing place with a simple menu, great service and beautiful interior design. Sketch is another cool restaurant and it is quite popular. It is stuffed with colours – especially all shades of pink. The bar “Duck and Waffle” close to Liverpool Street is a place to take a drink and admire the city from 40th Floor. 

What do you predict to be the 3 most influential trends in 2016? 
2016 offers a lot of exciting trends. I’m especially looking forward to the beautiful berry colours around me.  The warm, burned and red shades are very convincing to me. I also think that we’ll se a lot of knitting and handmade design. The elegant sofas with a lighter expression is back. Simple and lighter. 
Learn more about Sanne on her blog sannekragelund.dk. 

Cosy day at By Malene Birger in Copenhagen

AW15 shopping at By Malene Birger February 16, 2015 / Byflou.com

A couple of weeks ago, we were in Copenhagen to order the beautiful Autumn/Winter 2015 collection from By Malene Birger that will land in the shop in the beginning of July.

January and February is always a really busy in the fashion industry. A lot of new items are added to the shop, as well as new collections are being bought - and of course, fashion week. The trips we take from Jutland to Copenhagen is a lovely break from everyday life at the office. We enjoy our time in the car on the way over and back, drink a lot of coffee and eat lovely snacks.

It is always a wonderful experience to shop in the big, charming building in the heart of Frederiksberg where By Malene Birger is at. We have the sweetest sales representative that always makes our stay pleasant while we shop. The mood is just fantastic as soon as you enter the old door at their place.

The new collection offered “tighter” silhouettes; the most gorgeous suits, both uni-coloured and the classic pin-needled (that are here to stay!). I absolutely adore the vivid colours taken from the Autumn coloured palette; colours such a greyish, bordeaux, beige, and brown.

By Malene Birger gives us a look back to the fantastic 70’s where the tight pencil skirt is high fashion yet again, both knitted and in print. The inspiration continues with fitted gentleman’s pants and blazers for the fashion forward woman.

All in all a beautiful collection that I cannot wait to show you all during Autumn 2015.

Jewellery with personality

Handmade and plain simple - the way I like it! January 29, 2015 / Byflou.com

Even though all gifts are good, one of my Christmas presents was something very special - and I simply have to share it with you.

My boyfriend had a pendant specially made by Anders Forup, the man behind the gorgeous and simple jewellery from Handcrafted Cph. The necklace is simple in design, but has been personalised by hand drawn symbols that Simon chose. The cats are our two Main Coon cats whereas MFG are my initials. The arm must be the most personal that perhaps should be explained more profoundly - however, simply put, it stands for my fighting spirit and willpower.

Anders Forup makes all his jewellery by hand and his thoughts behind the brand is to create a simple, graphic expression in the right materials. As already mentioned before, Anders draws up the symbols, letters, or whatever one might like, onto the piece of jewellery - or you can choose one of the already existing jewellery; jewellery he often share pictures of on Instagram and Facebook.

If you are curious, check out his Facebook page. But beware… You will quickly fall in love with all the beautiful pieces! 

His Instagram can be found under the name: @handcraftedcph

The joy of dressing up

New Year’s Eve was definitely not boring! January 15, 2015 / Byflou.com
Even though it’s been 2015 for quite some days by now, I don’t think you should miss out on my fabulous New Years attire. I really like the whole concept of doing something extra on special occasions, especially New Year’s Eve!

The mask was found in my local H&M, whereas the shoes are from Ganni. The dress is from By Malene Birger and is out of stuck, unfortunately.

I was meant to wear my olive amber-coloured Baum und Pferdgarten dress, but as all women do I changed my mind the very last minute. Instead I wore my black By Malene Birger dress. In order not to be too classic and boring, I found a mask in my local H&M so I could stand out as an “disguised avenger” for the night. The dress is unfortunately an old item, so I have done a little research and found four different lace dresses for you.

1. Baum und Pferdgarten long dress, 2. Rosemunde dress, 3. Vadum dress, 4. Day Birger dress

The lace dress has become one of the dresses that always come in handy when I haven’t a clue what to wear on a festive Friday. It is both sophisticated and perky at the same time - precisely the way I like it!
Maybe I’ll leave the mask next time; I’m not sure the Zorro-trend has gotten to me just yet, he he. 

The beginning of something new - the first

My very first, long overdue blog post - whoopee! January 14, 2015 / Byflou.com

It took some time to get here, but finally Byflou has its own blog! I have been longing to share our everyday life here at the office in Hobro; show what’s going on behind the screen and to share the experiences of having a webshop. At the same time I have been wanting a place where I can display all my inspiration - both fashion- and interior-wise. That’s the most fantastic thing about having a webshop that sells these exact items - I’m bombarded with inspiration for both my personal style and my home. I absolutely love it!

Perhaps I should introduce myself. My name’s Marlene and it’s me that is lurking behind the screen at Byflou. Not alone, of course, but with lots of others. For instance my boyfriend Simon who happens to be the business manager.

I haven’t been a well kept secret, hence you might have seen me on Facebook and Instagram. You can find us both places under the name Byflou.

The first post is always a tad bit boring introduction of the person behind the words and what you can expect to find on here. The answer is pretty simple: Everything from detailed exposition of product materials and trendsetting to insider tips and how to create a business.

Of course it’s not going to be all about me and my daily routine at the office - that would get old fast. No, it’s also about you. I would like to hear from you; your opinions and stances about the mentioned topic in a post; questions for me, the brand itself, the clothes - I just want to get to know you better!

I’m looking forward to you joining my journey!