Fritz Hansen

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Fritz Hansen is an international and exclusive designbrand which was founded in Denmark in 1872. Their mission is to create an ageless design, their collection consists of international known furniture classics, as modern furniture, lighting and home accessories. 

Fritz Hansen cooperate with danish personalities as Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner and Poul Kjærholm.

Fritz Hansen is the producer of the classics "the Egg", "the Swan", "7™ chair", PK22 and PK80.

The classic - 3107 aka. Series 7™ chair

Could the Series 7TM chair keep being a designclassic?

"In 1955 Arne Jacobsen set a new standard for chair designs, when he created the Series 7™ chair - a design, that stretched into the future, because it was the perfect mix of function and aesthetics. It is the most sold stackable chair in design history, a style icon, that is considered by many as one of the finest examples of ageless design. It has kept it's popularity through six decades - a time-period of 
enormous changes in technology, culture and lifestyle. 

There are very few things that has managed to follow us through six decades as the 3107. And the chair can now celebrate its 60th Anniversary in its best shape - And it continue to travel toward new generations with new demands and new standards for design. 

The 3107 wasn't a classic from the beginning. To become a classic is something that takes time, and something that the customers define. We have to be aware, that it's a big job to cherish our classics and keep them relevant in the time. It takes a focused effort, and nothing can be taken for granted. We cannot blindly trust that our classics will keep the same status. A classic is only a classic, if it develop in an innovative way, and is relevant in the time, and thereby wanted by the customers. This has been done by Fritz Hansen through six decades - By changing colours and creating history about the chair, which makes sure it keeps its relevans and status as a classic."

- Former CEO, Jacob Holm