We wish to spread the good taste

Good customer service is the foundation of a good business!

The concept is simple - we want to spread the good taste. Not only fashionable, but to give you a unique experience every time you shop with Byflou. Although our brand oozes class and the shop is filled with great brands, we ensure that you encounter warmth and humanity.

Our mission is quite simple; we want to share our love of the good life, which include representing quality over quantity. We appreciate the old virtues, we should treat each other and our things with respect - both artisans and the craft.

Customer service is in other words a priority, when you shop with Byflou. You will feel at home with us - therefore we make it easy for you to shop while you get the opportunity to try the clothes at home for 30 days; at no extra cost to you.

You should be able to feel that we are here for you. Therefore, your purchase experience is important to us, and you can always reach us - either by mail or telephone. When we sit at the computer, you will also be able to catch us on the chat.

Quality is important, and we want your shopping experience to feel exclusive and luxurious when you shop with Byflou. In addition to free shipping in Denmark on orders over 950 DKK and free return shipping on all non sale items, we make sure to pack your goods in our specially selected and aesthetic boxes, send them off with the greatest care so that you receive them right to door.

If you have questions, praise or blame, we are right here, ready at the computer and at the phone.

Who are the people behind Byflou?

Marlene - Partner - Store Manager

I have always dreamed of being a part of the fashion industry, and today i enjoy every moment of my life where I get to share my views on fashion. I love being on purchases, giving styling tips, but the best thing about everyday life is now happy customers.

Simon - Partner - Marketing

I have gone on to become the octopus in the house. Addition to carrying out the overview of the company's development and marketing also take the time to turn LPs in the office while everyday life is enjoyed with good colleagues in the great surroundings

Thomas - Partner - Developer

My days are spent primarily to develop, optimize, and maintain the entire system behind Byflou. Days often turn to nights when I throw myself into the code Tron style, and I love to see how my actions could help to enhance customer experience at Byflou.

Tobias - Marketing - Logistics

Most of my time is spent in the Byflou warehouse where all orders are sent out from. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and love to spend a little extra time to repackage nice and beautiful, so a customer might smile a little more when they unpack their orders.

Bente - Accounting

Though my daily life mainly consists of numbers and accounting I am very creative, including my own gallery. I have an eye for the funny interior design approaches and often have good suggestions for the Byflou product range.

Nadia - Pr and Marketing

I actually started as Fashion Editor at Jegelskermode, but felt that my education in Danish and marketing drew me more and more towards Byflou. Here I am now allowed to try all my theory in practice, and I love it.

Rubina - Marketing Manager - Sweden

I'm probably the biggest structure freak you can find at Byflou. I love fashion, and is passionate about decor and good style. I am Swedish but residing in Denmark my tasks are mainly translations and creative approaches to the Swedish market.

Richard - Marketing Manager - Netherlands

I am the happy new father, who is Dutch living in Denmark. I get to play with the Dutch market and help to optimize campaigns, keeping the dialogue with bloggers going, and be responsible for all translations into Dutch.

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At Byflou we work together in a team and help each other. We understand how to communicate and effective communications is indispensable. Therefore, we also put a great emphasis on personal customer service: You should feel that we are real people behind the screen. You are always welcome to contact us for tips and tricks about fashion or interior.


Byoutlet is originally built to handle all the sales for Byflou, but over the years has developed into an independent shop, where the focus is on offering products at the best price. The products are often last season's products, and we also pickup a lot in Paris. We offer the same quick delivery and excellent customer service as is known from Byflou.com


In addition to running our webshops and fashion magazine, we also have a web agency where we help others achieve success online. Our own in house developed shop platform helps to increase revenue and efficiency because we have automated many processes.