Let the Bamboo move in

WeDoWood is a Danish-based design company that has environmental and aesthetic as a high priority. All their products are made from bamboo, without compromising neither the design process, aesthetics and user-friendliness.

For WeDoWood it is important to make a piece of furniture that can withstand being used, with high functionally, but also sustainable and with values ​​that go hand in hand with the environment. They appreciate furniture with honest design, a long lasting life and environmentally responsible materials and manufacturing.

Advantages of using bamboo are the following:
- Bamboo grows without insecticides, inorganic fertilizers or herbicides, therefore, the natural animal and plant life are not damaged in the process.
- Bamboo is the fastest growing evergreen species of grass
- Bamboo re-circulate large volumes of CO2 and produces 35 percent more oxygen than other plants in the same areas and contribute to cleaning the environment, while it grows.