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Designers Remix

Dress - Tuadress

€76.49 €254.95 / 70 %
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Lovely dress in neoprene quality from the Danish brand Designers Remix. The model is without sleeves and has a round neckline. The fit is quite tight in the top piece of the dress where the bottom has more width as neoprene is a bit "stiff" in quality. It gives the dress a feminine look, but still has a sporty feel. The quality of a cotton, nylon and spandex. Really fine dress which you can see everywhere on Designers Remix's campaign pictures this season.

Super cool for everyday or party, depending on how it is styled.

  • 86% Cotton
  • 8% Nylon
  • 6% Spandex
  • Should be machine washed at maximum 30 degrees
  • Fit: Normal, Tight


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