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Stine A

Earring - Petit Harlequin Earring Piece

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Petit Harlequin Earring Piece - Earring from Stine A

Small ear sticks shaped like harlequin and with a nice little zircon in the middle from Danish Stine A. These ear sticks can be used as they are but are also nicely styled with one of Stine A's many behind-ear earpieces, which sits behind the ear and is held by a ear stick like this. Note that this is the price for 1 earring.

  • Material gold: Gold plated sterling silver 925
  • Material silver: Sterling silver 925
  • Detail: White Zircon
  • Measurements: 5 mm
  • Note: The price is for one ear stick - If you want a set, you need to add 2 pieces in the basket
  • Is available in the following variants: Gold, Silver & 5 mm , 5 mm


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