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Paul & Joe Sister - French brand with the most beautiful clothing

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Paul & Joe is a french brand that got established in 1990's. The sister was established in 2006, and the brand now makes the most beautiful collections, which is both classic and comfortable, and at the same time has a bit of edge and nice colorful clothing. 
Their style is very feminin and romantic, you can see this through their collections, which always has a characterisation as well as a little twist of something playing. 

Wear what your Sister is wearing

Sophie Albou is the designer and founder of the high fashion brand Paul & Joe, which she started in 1995. Her whole life she has been surrounded by fashion, since her family owns a clothing company. Sophie took a designer education in France, and later worked for a large fashion house. In 1995, she decided to start her own.

Paul & Joe quickly gained great success with their colorful prints, beautiful style and fine materials. Sophie Albou therefore decided to launch a new line, which is named Paul & Joe Sister. Here's the same philosophy, just a little more affordable. In the collection you can always fine prints of animals or flowers. It's almost become a hallmark of Sister-collections. Many of their style are from their main brand Paul & Joe, which of course is only an advantage for us all.

Paul & Joe Sister is a very recognized brand, we are truly excited to offer you this online in Denmark.