Get beautiful nails all year round with Nailberry's patented Lóxygéné technology

Developed with respect for enviroment and nature and focusing on health and well-being

 We are proud to present this London based beauty brand Nailberry, for our Byflou customers. The nail polishes are both vegan, cruelty-free and have the rare 12-free chemicals certificate and is also halal-certified. All this without compromising on durability, colour and quality.

In a world where we have become more aware of the earth over time, and not least what we put in ourselves and on us, this nail polish is developed for the discerning consumer who wants complete transparency. Therefore, Sonia Hully, behind Nailberry, has got a 12-free certificate, where the nail polish are free of camphor, formaldehyde, toluene, etc. See the full list of chemicals below which the nail polishes are made WITHOUT.

The 12 Free Chemicals are as following:
* Phthalates incl. DBP
* Toluene
* Formaldehyde
* Formaldehyde Resin
* Camphor
* Xylene
* Ethyl Tosylamide
* Triphenyl Phosphate
* Parabens
* Animal Derivatives
* Gluten

Nailberry is proud to be certified by both PETA and the International Halal Integrity Alliance.

Nailberry strives to deliver products that not only comply with the brand's core values, but also the principles of the vegan lifestyle and comply with the Halal & Hygiene Guidelines.

For respects and assesses the wildlife, the L'Oxygéné range has been developed to be free from animal derivatives and alcohol, and as a result, the brand has obtained the two certificates.