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Shelf - Stacked Acoustic Panels

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Stacked Acoustic Panels - Shelf from Muuto

Stacked Storage System is made by Muuto. The storage system comes in a mini and regular size. The shelves can be wall-mounted in groups or singles. The storage modules is to be connected with Stacked Clips or be wall-mounted.

  • 3 sizes
  • Multiple variants
  • Stacked Storage System
  • Muuto
  • Is available in the following variants: Small - Aqua Melange, Small - Black Melange, Small - Grey Melange, Medium - Aqua Melange, Medium - Black Melange, Medium - Grey Melange, Large - Aqua Melange, Large - Black Melange, Large - Grey Melange & L: 18,1 x H: 39,9 cm, L: 39,9 x H: 39,9 cm, L: 61,7 x H: 39,9 cm


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