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By KlipKlap

Mattress - KK 3 fold single w. buttons

€311.38 €389.21 / 20 %
8-11 days delivery time

The nicest tummadras, playground, chair, pouf or guest bed from the town KlipKlap. KK 3 single is a three-layer mattress that can be used in a myriad of creative ways. It is perfect for small babies to form a nice surface, and for the larger babies it is good as a motivation to crawl, for example by to fold it to small steps. The larger children will love it as a dumplings spot for pimples, rolls and other tumblers. KK 3 single Can also be used in the room as a chair, guest bed, dining area etc. A very functional furniture in beautiful design, which all families should own. 

KK 3 single is made of eco-tex cold foam and upholstered in durable textile (100% Polyester)




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