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Hr. Skov

Schnapps - Blueberry/Sea Buckthorn schnapps

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Blueberry/Sea Buckthorn schnapps - Schnapps from Hr. Skov

Blueberry / Sea Buckthorn schnapps are a nice pink spring schnapps that fits perfectly with light meals such as seafood. It is made of Blueberrys and Sea Buckthorn, which stores the winter through and comes in the bottle at the beginning of spring.

  • 38% Alcohol
  • 50 cl

Drinking recipe with Blueberry / Sea Buckthorn snaps:

  • Blueberry / Sea Buckthorn schnapps 2 cl
  • Perini Frizzante or another sweet sparkling wine 4 cl
  • Syrup at will
  • Lemon at will
  • Severes in big, nice glass or as bowl.
  • Use frozen cherries as ice cubes
  • Is available in the following variants: Blueberry/Sea Buckthorn Schnapps large, Blueberry/Sea Buckthorn small & 500 ml, 200 ml


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