Finders Keepers The Label

Simply clothes to Finders & to Keepers

Finders Keepers the Label was established in 2009 by Australian Melanie Flintoft. First, she designed all the collections herself, but met in 2010 Kate Anderson who quickly became part of the team and which today, stands for the majority of the design process of the 12 collection which comes annually.

Melanie started Finders Keepers when she saw a gap in the market. She needed clothes lying in a relatively cheap price class, but which was also a really good qualityand  clothes that followed the trends from the catwalks and street style.

Kate Anderson, Finders Keepers the Label, said: "It's not exclusive, but completely the opposite.We want all women som appreciate a simple design with amazing fabrication and a great fit to be in our clothes. Dressing is som an important part of who you are right now. It's a form of self-expression ... "

Finders Keepers the Label is a unique brand from Australia who loves to play with crazy and colourful prints, simple and classic silhouettes and last but not least, with the feminine style in focus.