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eden outcast

Kreativitet - Wall Jewelry

1 000,14 kr
Varan finns på lager med snabb leverans
Wall Jewelry - Kreativitet från eden outcast

A decadent interpretation of the popular macramé trend. Macramé are beautiful wall rugs or flowerpot skins attached with (most often) white string. This design is therefore based on the lines and the overall expression that a macramé weight blanket has, but the use of the fine metal chains gives Wall Jewelry a more light and elegant expression. There are 6 golden tassels hanging in a shiny material on it and facet cut glass and wooden beads are used on it.
It measures 60 cm at the widest point, 41 cm from the bar and down and the full height is 70cm.

  • Fås i följande variant: Jewelry B60 H70 cm


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