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Krokar - Hooks for Metal Shelfs

244,66 kr
Beställningsvara leveranstid ca 4-6 veckor
Hooks for Metal Shelfs - Krokar från String

Hooks for Metal Shelfs is part of Strings reol system that focuses on functionality and the customer's own own desire. The rack system provides endless storage and creativity options, and with a wide range of variants, colors and materials, String's rack system is the perfect way to create your very own design. The series consists of Floor, Wall and Flex Panels which create a base for both shelves and shelves. In addition, shelves, cabinets, border, magazine holders and various gadgets can be added. The flexible system is perfect for the modern home, which with a few elements can provide a base for the interior design throughout the home, and can easily be adapted to the room for any purpose.

Mix and Match the different String items and assemble your entire String Reol here

  • Powder coated steel with shine

  • Pack of 5 pcs
  • Combined with String shelves, cabinets, etc.

  • Fås i följande varianter: White, Grey, Black & 5 pack


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