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Stine Goya
Spring/Summer 2020 collection
House of Goya
This season, Stine Goya launches “House of Goya” drawing inspiration from the extravagant aesthetic, the freedom of expression and inclusive community of international Ballroom culture, as documented through Paris is Burning & Kiki. Without focusing on specific references to individual people, costumes or eras - the SS20 Collection, draws on the longstanding tradition of alternative families and seeks to celebrate the individuals & their styles who make Stine Goya the brand it is today.
Stine Goya - Creative Director and Founder
"Stine Goya has always been about exploring the boundaries of colour & print. Being bold & experimental.
For SS20, I focused on the extremes of my design process - looking at classic styles, shapes, fabrications and turning them completely on their head, to create a look that captures the distinct aesthetic of House of Goya."

"We took the first step of sustainability about a year ago, and decided to go all in. We had talked about it in many years, and we felt it was a bit dangerous, because we thought we had to change the whole collection. And it then became a bit confusing. 
- Stine Goya

Actually it was Eva Kruse who helped Stine Goya to take the first step against sustainability, Eva said: "Just do it, do something as a start, and something that isn't just a t-shirt".

"When you start to produce sustainable clothing, and has taken the first step in that direction, you can never go back - just foreward. You can always ad more, and we know when we have made the first sustainable piece, it's prove that we can do it, and then we can never make a non sustainable piece again. And that is fantastic."
- Stine Goya