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Brdr. Krüger

Soffbord - ORBIS Sidetable

11 693,60 kr
Beställningsvara leveranstid ca 8-13 dagar
ORBIS Sidetable - Soffbord från Brdr. Krüger

The ORBIS table, with its minimalist and clean design, has become a well-known piece of furniture worldwide. The table is made of a solid stainless steel base and is complimented either by a clear glass plate or two colored laminate sheets. The many variants provide the opportunity to use the ORBIS table as you wish, both in the living room, the entrance hall or in the bedroom, as a sophisticated part of the decor. Exclusive and functional.

  • Low: 55 x 45 cm
  • High: 55 x 58 cm
  • Rustrit steel, tempered glass, laminate sheets
  • Design at O&M Studio
  • Fås i följande varianter: Low - Glass, Low - Black/White, High - Glass, High - Black/White & 55 x 45 cm, 55 x 58 cm


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