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Lucie Kaas

Skål - Lotus Bowl

470,74 kr
Beställningsvara leveranstid ca 5-8 dagar
Lotus Bowl - Skål från Lucie Kaas

Lotus bowls from Lucie Kaas with the famous lotus pattern designed by Arne Clausen. The bowl is a modern version of the classic Arne Clausen lotus pattern and now has fresh new tone in tone colors.


Due to color and the matte surface, scratches and marks may become apparent over time. The appearance of these scratches is minimized when the bowl is washed with soap and hot water. For best results, it is recommended to wash the dish in the dishwasher under normal settings.

  • Sizes: Ø12, Ø15, Ø18, Ø21, Ø24,
  • Material: Ceramics
  • Designed by Arne Christensen
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher


  • Fås i följande varianter: Extra Small - Petroleum Blue, Small - Petroleum Blue, Medium - Petroleum Blue, Large - Petroleum Blue, Extra Large - Petroleum Blue, Extra Small - Black, Small - Black, Medium - Black, Large - Black, Extra Large - Black, Extra Small - Dark Red, Small - Dark Red, Medium - Dark Red, Large - Dark Red, Extra Large - Dark Red, Extra Small - Nude, Small - Nude, Medium - Nude, Large - Nude, Extra Large - Nude & Ø12, Ø15, Ø18, Ø21, Ø24


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