HOPE is simpel, raw and casual all at the same time

Swedish HOPE is known for their great fit and good quality

 HOPE is one of Sweden's biggest brand and is known worldwide. The special thing with HOPE is their sense of good quality, original and timeless design as well as recognition.

The brand was started in 2001 by designer Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg, the first collection for women was shown in 2002, where they in 2005 was presenting the first collection for men.

The HOPE brand is made with a low key, authentic and raw look, where being well-dressed in a casual manner is paramount. Qualities and cut is carefully selected and reviewed for each collection, so the customer who loves HOPE will never be disappointed. In HOPE's collection, you can also always find classic trousers as Krissy, New Trouser and many more ...