Stine Goya

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Se de smukke og unikke prints, som er designet af Stine Goya selv

Stine Goya - Spring/Summer 2019 collection
The Palazzo collection

The collection is an homage to the Italian architect and design illusionist Renzo Mongiardino, known for his immersive take on interiors. Mongiardino designs have the ability to evoke the past through the use of master craftsmanship, theatrical effects and the manipulation of proportions.
The collection draws inspiration from this world, where romanticism, modernity and classicism coexist in harmony.

The seasonal prints interpret the artist ́s unexpected use of patterns and scale. Floral brocade and upholstery prints dominate the collection, combined with graphic interpretations of interior sketches. The entire collection is built like a Renzo Mongiardino space, each style and print stand individually, but come together like the rooms of a house, to form the Goya A PALAZZO.

The silhouettes drape around the body, with accentuated detailing, such as cinched waists and sleeves, and are evocative of interior furnishing. Layering effects of rich prints with contrasting materials mirror how Mongiardino staged rooms with dramatic undertones and distilled atmospheres of reminiscent glamour. Sweeping floor length dresses and kimonos, jacquard suiting paired with silk shirts are some of the key looks of the season.