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How to create a capsule wardrobe
| Luna Vraa | Fashion

How to create a capsule wardrobe

Is your wardrobe overflowing, yet you feel like you never have anything to wear? Then the capsule wardrobe concept might be the solution for you. In this article, we dive into how you can transform your wardrobe into a minimalistic, stylish fashion universe where every piece of clothing serves a purpose. From the timeless white shirt to the perfect pair of jeans, learn how to choose clothes that are not only stylish, but also multifunctional and sustainable.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a compressed, stylish collection of clothes made up of versatile items that can be mixed and matched to create varied outfits. The concept emphasises quality over quantity and encourages choosing well-made, timeless items that can be worn for multiple seasons and occasions.

The capsule wardrobe concept is often seen as a backlash against the fast fashion industry and promotes more ethical and sustainable consumption habits. It is also appreciated for its simplicity and efficiency when it comes to tidying and organising your wardrobe. The key characteristics of a capsule wardrobe include

Limited number of items: A capsule wardrobe typically consists of a limited number of pieces, often around 50-60, but this can vary depending on personal preferences.

Versatility: The different pieces in a capsule wardrobe are chosen based on their ability to complement each other, maximising the number of combinations with a minimal amount of clothing.

Timelessness: The focus is on classic, durable styles and colours rather than trendy items, ensuring that the wardrobe remains stylish and relevant across different fashion cycles.

Quality: The emphasis is on good quality clothes that last longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements and being more sustainable.

Personalised style: The wardrobe reflects the individual's personal style and contains items that they feel safe and comfortable in. A minimalist wardrobe doesn't have to be

Tips for creating a good basic wardrobe.

  1. CLEAN UP - Sort through your clothes, try them on and assess each item; Do the clothes fit me? Is it broken and if so, can it be repaired? Can you imagine more than one outfit with that piece of clothing? Have you worn it in the last 3 months?

  2. Adapt your wardrobe to the season - put away the knitwear in the summer and the summer top in the winter. Only have what you know you can wear for the season in your wardrobe so you don't get overwhelmed with options.

  3. Sort your wardrobe every six months, for example, when you swap your summer wardrobe for your winter wardrobe and vice versa. This makes it easier to judge which clothes you haven't worn this season or will wear again.

  4. Be more thoughtful when buying new clothes - are you buying for a specific event and will you wear it again? Is it a piece of clothing that you expect to wear for many years, or is it just trendy right now? Is the quality good or will it break after a few wears?

  5. Try on all your clothes - Find the items in your wardrobe that you feel comfortable in and feel look good on you. What characterises those items of clothing? Look for colour, fit and style. This can be used as a guide for when you buy clothes in the future and makes it easier to buy clothes that you won't regret later.

What should a Capsule Wardrobe consist of?


When choosing bottoms, comfort and fit are crucial. Choose a fit and cut that suits you and works well with your tops and blouses. You may want to consider getting bottoms in fabrics that suit different seasons, so you can have a light linen model for summer and a thick wool style for winter and autumn. Bottoms are often the base of the outfit, so go with colours from a more neutral palette rather than wild patterns, as this allows for more combinations with tops.


Fit is key when choosing jeans. Nothing feels better than a pair of jeans that fit perfectly - whether it's skinny jeans, a bootcut or a pair of baggy jeans depends on your personal style. A good pair of jeans is an absolute must in any wardrobe, so look for high-quality jeans - you'll wear them more than you expect. A more expensive pair of jeans is definitely worth the investment, as they are one of the few pieces of clothing that can last for many years and often get better looking and more comfortable over time.


Although tops are mostly seen in summer wardrobes, they're an absolute must-have all year round. As well as being great to wear in the summer when you want bare arms, they're also fantastic to wear under a knitted jumper or semi-sheer blouse in the cooler seasons. At the same time, you can't create a great basic wardrobe without a classic t-shirt. One of the most versatile items in your wardrobe that simply never fails. It can be an excellent idea to get basic tops and t-shirts in several colours - at least black and white, but perhaps also a beige, navy or striped model.

Blouses & Shirts

Blouses and shirts come in a multitude of colours and styles. Therefore, it can be easier to find a style that suits you and the other items in your wardrobe. An absolute must-have is a classic white button-down shirt with a great fit. It can be worn in any setting and goes well with almost all bottoms. Compliment your wardrobe with a dressier blouse that may not be suitable for everyday wear, but can become your go-to blouse for special occasions.


Jackets are often an overlooked element of styling, but actually seem to be essential for creating a polished outfit. They can carry your outfits through multiple seasons and ensure you're always dressed stylishly in any weather. Classic coats and trench coats are the base of any good jacket collection as they give your look a stylish finish whether you're wearing a casual denim look or a festive dress. Compliment with a classic blazer and a high-quality leather jacket. They are absolute essentials and can follow you for many years and through many fashion trends.


Knitwear is again a very seasonal item, but can be extremely practical even in the summer months. They're perfect for layering your outfit, providing warmth on cooler days or as an alternative to a jacket. Find a knit in a classic chunky fit, a thinner knit that's perfect over other pieces and a versatile cardigan that can be worn all year round. A turtleneck knit or a knit with a slightly higher neck can be a great addition if you live in a place where the winter seems to be longer than the summer.


Dresses are one of the more exciting wardrobe staples and are easy to style, as long as you choose a classic style. To get the most out of your dresses, look for a dress that can be styled for both everyday and party wear using just a few accessories. In the long run, you'll also find that maxi and midi dresses are easier to style and more timeless than mini dresses. Still, an LBD (Little Black Dress) is a must-have in every wardrobe, as well as a great summer dress, a knit dress for winter and a shirt dress that fits almost every body type and is easy to style.


Shoes are the perfect way to take any outfit from day to night, and many shoes can expand the possibilities of creating new looks with your capsule wardrobe. However, it's always good to have a good base for your shoe collection. First and foremost, comfort is a must. Shoes that you can wear all day and don't blister will also make you reach for the same pair of shoes more often. A classic white sneaker is a must for everyday wear, as is a good boot. They go with almost every outfit and are by far the most comfortable models. In addition, a pair of black heels or an elegant flat shoe can also take you a long way and transform any outfit into an evening look.

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