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The women of Byflou
| Luna Vraa | Team

The women of Byflou

In connection with International Women's Day on 8 March, we at Byflou want to pay tribute to all the strong women who every day are helping to create more equality in business. We celebrate all that we as women have achieved together and advocate for a continued fight for all that we still lack. Meet a small part of our strong and inspiring women at to talk about role models and being a woman in a modern business.
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8. March - International Women's Day

International Women's Day has become an important event in the 20th century. We use it both to celebrate the social, political and economic progress of women, but also to fight for all the things we have yet to achieve. It's a day to honour all the important women in our lives who show courage and strength every day - our mother, sister, friend, colleague or role model. Every year on 8 March, cultural life, the political scene and social media are filled with tributes to women. You can experience artistic exhibitions, musical performances and inspiring panel debates, and you can meet major national and international organisations that fight for equality every day.

At, over 80% of the company is made up of women. We believe that these women, individually, add invaluable value to our community and work life at Byflou. With a universe of fashion and home that largely revolves around the modern woman, our female colleagues also contribute to a certain authenticity - our customers meet women who represent Byflou with their personality, style and professionalism.

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A female pioneer with a vision stands on the shoulders of our two brave founders Simon and Marlene, who every day run the company with a modern and progressive approach. Values that every day help create a work environment that gives everyone space and the opportunity to be the best version of themselves. Listen to Marlene's story about the creation of Byflou and its journey towards Byflou as we know it today:

How did Byflou come about?
"Actually, Byflou came out of the blue and it's never been my dream to work with clothes and/or run a webshop, but I was also quite young when we started it, so I didn't have any big ideas about what the future would bring. Simon was working on a webshop project at his work at the time, and I was really into fashion and sold some of my second-hand clothes on Trendsales, and then one day he came home and asked if we should try to start a webshop ourselves, so we did. So it was something about sitting down and choosing some clothing brands and fighting to get them in, as there really weren't many webshops back then, so it wasn't easy to convince anyone that it was a great idea to sell clothes online... The rest is history, but with many bumps in the road and a whole lot of learn-by-doing."

What was the dream? - And what is it now?
"The dream with Byflou when we started was to sell good quality goods, and that hasn't changed since. The cornerstone and value behind Byflou is really good taste, good design and carefully selected items. We started out with just clothing, but now that we've added both furniture and interiors to our range, these values make even more sense with classic designer furniture and the best interior items."

What is the driving force behind Byflou?
"The driving force is "Good Taste" - We want to offer the best items to customers, items made in good quality that can be used for a long time and maybe even passed down. We're not fans of the "throw away" culture, so that's what we're trying to do away with, or at least try not to support, if you will. This has become even more of an issue since we started in 2009, but as it's been our mission from the start, it hasn't been a huge upheaval in our business, with consumers becoming more and more concerned about recyclability and sustainability, as it's been a driving force from the start."

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Chief Marketing Officer

How do you feel being a woman is an advantage in your work?

"The workplace is about creating an environment where all employees, regardless of gender, feel seen, heard and valued, but working with a team of talented women is significant in several ways. Firstly, as women, we bring different perspectives and experiences to the table, which enriches our creative processes and decision-making. I find that women are empathetic and have an ability to build strong relationships and collaborate effectively."

"I feel privileged to be part of a team of strong women who bring so much value to our work every day. Ultimately, the goal is not only to highlight the benefits of being a woman or man in the workplace, but to recognise and celebrate the enriching diversity that both genders bring to the table. By valuing and empowering each other's strengths and working together towards common goals, we can create a more productive, inclusive and equitable work environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and succeed."

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Buyer of Jewellery, Fashion & Accessories

Who is your female role model? And what values in this woman do you look up to?

"Anna Wintour - Chefredaktør for Vogue. For mig er Anna Wintour en kvinde som jeg ser som et forbillede, da hun er en af modebranchens mest indflydelsesrige figurer. She has values such as strength and determination to break away from traditional gender roles and expectations.
It's inspiring that she started in the fashion industry at such a young age and has managed to work her way up to one of the most recognised positions in the fashion world. She has an amazing ability to anticipate and shape trends and in this way she helps new designers and talents, which I find very inspiring."

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Store Manager at Hollys Dollroom

How do you feel being a woman is an advantage in your work?

"As a store manager in a women's fashion store, I see some obvious advantages of being a woman myself. There is of course the obvious one that I have a deep knowledge of the products because I am a user myself. In addition, I have a great passion for fashion and styling, and have therefore already experimented and thought of various combinations so that I can help my customers in the best possible way."

"I find that we women are good at talking about the weather with anyone - but I especially love how a bond can develop between us and the women in the store, which means that we get to know each other more deeply and that the topics in the store therefore also take on a more serious or personal character. Personally, I find that you can connect with customers over various proportional issues that we women may encounter due to shapes and the passage of time. I love how we, as women, can talk openly and vulnerably about it and together find the best solutions so that we only have happy customers through the shop doors. All of this makes me happy to be a woman in my industry."

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E-commerce Manager & Author

How do you feel about working in an environment where the majority of your colleagues are women?

"In my daily work, it's not something that comes to mind. It seems natural to a degree because I see my colleagues for the inspiring personalities and professionally skilled colleagues they are, which is a mindset I believe we all share at Byflou. But in a larger perspective, it's quite affirming to work in a company where I have so many female colleagues in so many different work functions."

"I think as a company and workplace is a role model and sets a pretty high standard when it comes to women's empowerment in the labour market. I'm quite proud to work in a place where your professional qualities and commitment are more important than your gender. I think it sends an important signal to the outside world - a signal I hope and believe will reach more and more companies and, in the long run, change the way we in society organise our workplaces - with competence rather than gender."

Luna Vraa