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Friday Cocktails: Lime & Basil Spritz
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Friday Cocktails: Lime & Basil Spritz

Experience a unique cocktail that stands out from the usual classics: the Lime & Basil Spritz. This cocktail blends the zesty flavour of lime with the fragrant notes of basil to create a refreshing and aromatic experience. Explore our Friday Cocktail Edit, featuring unique recipes that are perfect for any Friday occasion.

Spritz Cocktail

A classic Spritz Cocktail is characterised by a base of sparkling wine or champagne, sparkling water and some form of bitter spirit. For example, in a classic Aperol Spritz, the Aperol is the bitter spirit and in this fresh Lime & Basil Spritz, it's Dry Vermouth.

The combination of the refreshing bubbles from the champagne and the bitterness from the Dry Vermouth makes the Spritz cocktail an ideal spring and summer drink. Topped with seasonal fruit notes, which in this case are lime and basil, but could also be orange, lemon or cucumber, making it easy to adapt to the fruits and herbs you already have in your kitchen.

Friday Cocktails: Lime & Basil Spritz | Byflou Journal


-75 ml Dry Vermouth

  • 50 ml Champagne
  • 25 ml of sparkling water
  • A little lime juice
  • Basil leaves

    How to serve

    Serve in a Lowball Cocktail glass over ice.


    First stir Dry Vermouth, sparkling water, lime juice and 2-3 basil leaves. Top off with champagne and garnish with a slice of lime or basil leaves.

    Recipe from The Cocktail Edit by Alice Lascelles.

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