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At Byflou we love coffee table books. They give the home a personal touch, add something beautiful to the decor and are full of amazing stories and inspiration. Dive into our selection of beautiful coffee table books and dream your way to St Tropez, get inspiration for vegan meals or study the revolutionary engineering behind the beautiful McLaren F1. We've gathered our favourites here. We hope you enjoy.

Books about design

Classic Danish design never goes out of fashion. Read about classic design through the ages, modern architecture or get a peek inside some of the wildest houses. If you're fascinated by architecture and design, we have a variety of great coffee table books you should check out. You might even find inspiration for your own home!

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Coffee Table Books About Architecture and Design from New Mags

Books about fashion

Exclusive photographs from the catwalk, fashion icons through generations and historical stories from the world's biggest fashion houses - a good coffee table book is more than just a pretty face, and that's certainly true when it comes to fashion books. When you pick out the fashion books you like the most, the books will also help to tell a story about who you are and which fashion houses inspire you.

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Coffee Table Books About Fashion from New Mags

Books about sport

Are you a sports geek who just can't get enough? Then we have some coffee table books that will go straight to your sports heart. Read about inspiring achievements, scrutinise the journey to success and immerse yourself in images from some of the greatest moments. The many books on sport can also be the perfect gift idea for the woman or man who is passionate about sport and active lifestyles.

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Coffee Table Books About Sports from New Mags

Books about cooking

You'll find your new favourite recipes in the beautifully bound New Mags cookbooks. Are you a lover of sweet, savoury or green cuisine? Do you want to challenge yourself with traditional dishes from India, try your hand at cakes with Bake Off winner Frederikke Legaard or learn about the gastronomic philosophy of Michelin-starred chefs? - Don't worry, we've got your back!

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Coffee Table Books About Cooking from New Mags

Books about sustainability

Want to get better at making the right decisions for our environment? Maybe learn how to knit your own clothes? Or do you want to familiarise yourself with vegan cuisine? We have a wonderful selection of books focussing on sustainability.

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Coffee Table Books About Sustainability from New Mags

Books about travel

Dream away to warmer climes or get inspired for your next adventure in your local countryside. New Mag's bestselling 'The Travel Series' takes you on a journey through some of the world's most sought-after and visited travel destinations, introducing you to their culture, food, art and fashion through luxurious illustrations and inspirational quotes.

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Coffee Table Books About Travel from New Mags
Coffee Table Books from New Mags
Coffee Table Books from New Mags

Books for Gentlemen

It may be the dream for many to own the most beautifully designed cars and prestigious Rolex models, but more often than not, only a handful of collectors come close. Elegant coffee table books give you a peek inside the exclusive club, and you're allowed to be mesmerised.

Coffee Table Books for Gentlemen from New Mags

Books about movies and music

As film and music lovers, show off your personal favourites through beautiful coffee table books and invite people to talk about everything from The Rolling Stones, John Lennon to Quentin Tarantino and some of the other great legends of the film and music scene.

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Coffee Table Books About Movies and Music from New Mags