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Summer is right around the corner and the sun's warm rays are starting to warm up the terraces. The warm temperatures and nature's blooms are the ideal opportunity to shine up your terrace and outdoor spaces to create your very own summer paradise. Feel inspired to create an oasis, filled with the scent of flowers and a wonderful summer atmosphere during the warm evening hours. At we give you tips and ideas to create the ideal summer sanctuary that invites you to relax and unwind.

3 tips for decorating the terrace

To create the perfect summer paradise, you need to balance comfort, functionality and aesthetics. Whether you have a small patio or a large terrace, these three simple tips will help you create an outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy the good weather.

How to make the most of your outdoor space

Whether you have a small corner of the garden, a large terrace or a simple patio, you need to consider what features you want for your outdoor environment. Do you favor relaxing summer evenings in good company, a delicious outdoor culinary experience or do you enjoy the sunshine whenever you can?

If you have a smaller outdoor space, you may have to prioritize one function over another, but try to find multifunctional solutions, such as a dining chair that transforms into a sunbed. If you have a larger outdoor space, you'll probably have room to create both a relaxing spot with plenty of sunshine as well as a beautiful dining environment.

Storage, Storage, Storage

While we often make the most of the summer, unfortunately it doesn't last forever - especially in the northern contries, where rain and wind can hit from one second to the other. That's why it's crucial to be able to protect your cushions and other summer textiles when the weather is at its worst.

Invest in a cushion box to avoid wet and moldy garden cushions and possibly find a shed where you can store ceramics and rugs so they do not get damaged. Also pay attention to whether your garden furniture is suitable for the wild rainy weather. If not, it's a good idea to store it indoors.

Sun or shade

The sun is one of the most important elements of your outdoor environment. So before you design your dining area or your new sun spot, consider how the sun's light hits it. If the area is exposed to sun for the majority of the day, it might be ideal for a nice sun spot, but not so practical for your dining area. Get a parasol to make sure you can always find shade when the sun is at its brightest.

Pay attention to the evening sun too. If your outdoor space gets dark and cold quickly due to a lack of evening sun, lanterns, fairy lights and a patio heater can help extend the summer evenings on your patio.

Inspiration til indretning af terrassen
Inspiration til indretning af terrassen

Furnishing outdoor dining areas

Summer is the perfect time to gather for delicious meals under the open sky. Designing an outdoor dining area that is both inviting and cozy is key to creating the right atmosphere and function.

Start by finding the ideal spot in your garden or patio that is sheltered, easily accessible and takes advantage of the sun's warmth. This will ensure you make the most of the warm summer evenings, while also making it easy to get food and drinks from the kitchen to the dining area.

Choose comfortable garden furniture with cushions that strike the perfect balance between relaxation and formality, as the dining area is also often the setting for long summer evenings with games and conversation. Investing in an parasol for your dining area is a good idea, so you can sit in the shade and keep the temperature a little cooler.

Furnishing outdoor lounge areas

Do you dream of creating an inviting and relaxing gathering point on your terrace where you can enjoy long summer evenings? Then create an oasis with elegant lounge furniture and cozy lighting.

A combination of soft sofas, lounge chairs and a low table creates a living room atmosphere, ideal for a more relaxing setting. Cushions, blankets and cushions are essential to create the right lounge feel and provide extra warmth to the lounge area for late nights.

Invest in a patio heater to provide a comfortable temperature on the patio, or a fireplace to create cozy authentic lighting. You can also make use of lanterns, fairy lights and LED candles to create a soft ambient light around your lounge area while allowing you to add a personal touch to your decor.

Indretning af loungeområder | Inspiration til indretning på terrassen

Bringing plant life onto the terrace

Plant life and flowers are the perfect way to create an authentic feel to your terrace and bring nature into your outdoor environments. Including plant life in your decor is important to strengthen the ecosystem of your outdoor space and will often give your terrace a more vibrant and natural look.

When we bring nature into the terrace, it's often in the form of pots and planters, allowing you to personalize your outdoor space even more. First of all, choose pots that are practical and suitable for outdoor use, but don't be afraid to choose something different from the traditional terracotta pot. Get creative with your plant storage - create your own raised flower bed, find multifunctional planters or mount planters on the wall - it adds a lot of personality to your patio.

As well as being pleasing to the eye and contributing to the garden's ecosystem, plants can also have a highly practical function. Tall grasses and bamboo can help create shelter and privacy around your dining area. Use a variety of tall and low pots to divide larger outdoor spaces, allowing you to separate your dining and lounge areas. This gives a sense of structure and organization while creating a natural transition between the different functions of your outdoor living space.

Planteliv på terrassen | Inspiration til indretning af terrassen