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18 great alternative New Year's resolutions
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18 great alternative New Year's resolutions


New Year is traditionally a time for renewal and a fresh start, where we set goals and dreams for the year ahead. But instead of the usual promises of weight loss and financial savings, why not think outside the box? At Byflou, we've gathered 18 fresh and inspiring alternatives to the classic New Year's resolutions, with everything from creating peace of mind, taking care of your body and organising your home to new eating habits and the outdoors.


How do you keep your New Year's resolution?

Sticking to a New Year's resolution can often seem like a challenge, but with the right strategies and motivation, it can be a rewarding journey. First and foremost, it's important to set realistic and achievable goals. Small steps lead to big changes, so it's essential to remember that even the smallest progress is progress.

Another key to sustained motivation is finding joy in the process. When we associate our New Year's resolutions with positive experiences, it becomes easier to stick with them. A great tip is to integrate products that support your goals. For example, stylish exercise equipment, aesthetic cleaning products or inspiring cookbooks can transform your daily activities and help you stick to your resolutions. By surrounding yourself with inspiring and functional items, you create an environment that promotes personal growth and helps you achieve your goals in the new year.

New Year's resolutions about Selfcare

The new year offers a unique opportunity to reflect on how we treat ourselves, both physically and mentally. Creating balance and peace in life is not just an action, but a journey that can involve both inner and outer care. In the new year, you can choose to prioritise a quiet moment for yourself, give your body and skin some extra care or immerse yourself in writing.

    • 1. Create a good skincare routine that suits you and your skin.
      2. Use more neutral skincare with natural ingredients.
      3. Get better at planning your time and priorities.
      4. Keep a diary or journal of your thoughts and feelings.
      5. Meditate or find an activity that calms your mind and body.
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    New Year's resolutions for outdoor living

    Another New Year's resolution can be to spend more time outdoors and integrate nature into our daily lives. It's about discovering the joy of being outdoors, whether it's through relaxing walks, active exercise or simply enjoying the tranquillity of the great outdoors. Engaging in outdoor activities not only promotes physical health, but can also be a source of deep peace and inner balance.

    • 6. Travel more - even more small spontaneous trips.
      7. Go for a walk every day - find a buddy to walk with.
      8. Find an outdoor sport that motivates you to spend time outside.
      9. Try sleeping outdoors, either in a shelter, tent or simply in the open air.
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    New Year's resolutions about cooking and eating habits

    Changing your eating habits and diet is not a revolutionary New Year's resolution. But an alternative New Year's resolution could involve exploring new recipes and cuisines, switching to more sustainable and nutritious food choices, or generally being aware of how our eating habits affect both our personal health and the environment. This process can be both inspiring and educational, adding fresh energy to everyday meals while supporting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

    • 10. Explore recipes from a foreign cuisine you haven't tried before.
      11. Find your signature dish and perfect it.
      12. Eat more vegetarian or plant-based food.
      13. Make more food from scratch, such as bread, pasta or mince.
      14. Create good breakfast habits - Eat breakfast every day.
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    New Year's resolutions on organisation and prioritisation

    In your New Year's resolution, you can even choose to focus on creating a more organised and harmonious home where every item serves a purpose. By reducing to the essentials, life becomes simpler and clearer and you make room for what really matters. Choosing quality over quantity when shopping and sticking to a minimalist approach contributes to a less overwhelming and more relaxed home environment - as well as caring for and looking after the things we already have so they last longer.

    • 15. Create a good basic wardrobe so you always have a great outfit.
      16. Buy high-quality textiles and eco-conscious materials that last longer.
      17. Clean your home more often - choose to thoroughly clean one room every week.
      18. Wash less but better - Care for your clothes and textiles more and find alternative ways to clean textiles.
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