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On 6th October, the legendary Danish designer Nanna Ditzel's remarkable journey and 100th anniversary will be commemorated. A woman whose innovative designs have left an everlasting mark on Danish furniture craftsmanship is celebrated by two renowned institutions: Fredericia Furniture and Trapholt Museum. Both parties honour Ditzel's work by exhibiting some of her most iconic and groundbreaking designs, offering an insight into the life and creative mindset of the iconic designer.

Nanna Ditzel - 100 years with innovative design | Byflou Journal

Nanna Ditzel: The life of a pioneering designer

Born in Copenhagen, Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005) navigated her way through the design world with a graceful stubbornness that made her stand out in the mid-20th century Danish design movement. Her journey through the corridors of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts shaped not only her future, but also design development in Denmark and beyond. Nanna and her husband Jørgen Ditzel created a style - a style that seamlessly merged form and functionality and subsequently established a signature aesthetic that was undeniably 'Ditzelian'.

Even in her final years without her husband and design partner, the avant-garde designer continued to experiment and innovate, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo in design. She has been praised for her unique talent for transforming materials such as fibreglass, wickerwork and foam rubber into works of art that were both progressive and consumer-oriented.

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An iconic Ditzel design portfolio

Ditzel's illustrious career is packed with iconic designs that have become synonymous with Danish craftsmanship. The Trinidad chair stands as a milestone in her design portfolio, with its meticulously carved, evocative, fan-shaped backrest adorning homes and professional environments around the world. Similarly, her creation, the Ring Chair, which she made with her husband Jørgen, is a piece of furniture that combines simplicity with ingenuity.

Nanna also demonstrated her versatile finesse with the Hanging Egg Chair, a piece of furniture that evokes a sense of comfort and suspension, enveloping the sitter in a gentle embrace. But her creative abilities extended beyond the furniture world. Her collaboration with George Jensen resulted in a unique silver jewellery collection that reflected her design principles - elegance, simplicity and timelessness.

An iconic Ditzel design portfolio | Byflou Journal

Nanna Ditzel Fiberglass Chair for Domus Danica | 1969

'Stairscape' by Nanna Ditzel

Silver Jewellery collection by Nanna Ditzel and George Jensen

Experience Nanna Ditzel's design universe

In honour of Nanna Ditzel's 100th anniversary, Trapholt Museum opens up one of the most comprehensive Ditzel exhibitions, reverently illuminating Nanna Ditzel's work and giving visitors an intimate insight into her original works. A tale of artistic skill and ingenuity is told through her original works, artefacts and designs, making it a unique exhibition for enthusiasts and design connoisseurs alike.

Experience Nanna Ditzel - Design to new heights at Trapholt from 28.09.23 to 11.08.24

At the same time, Fredericia Furniture presents a rare gift in honour of Ditzel's 100th anniversary - the Chaconia Chair. Produced in an extremely limited number, the chair symbolises a piece of design history that encapsulates an era where Ditzel's designs helped create new design paradigms.

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