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Sneakers have been a key part of the fashion scene for many years, and in recent decades sneakers have become the footwear of choice for many people - for everyday, work and parties. No longer solely associated with sport and fitness, sneakers have become a concept embraced by both major fashion houses and classic streetwear brands. Below, we've rounded up the best sneakers from Byflou that can add extra comfort to your outfit without compromising on stylish design.

The classic white sneaker

The white sneaker is a musthave in every wardrobe and the stylish model is inevitable in the fashion scene. Whether you're into a classically elegant shoe or a more streetwise expression, you'll find a white sneaker that suits you. The white sneaker is versatile and can be paired with everything from elegant suits and feminine summer dresses to raw jeans and a sweatshirt. If you're looking for alternatives to mainstream white sneakers, like the Nike Air Force 1 and Adidas Superstar, we have a few suggestions below.

The modern retro sneaker

One of this season's new trends echoes the sneaker trends of the 70s. Here, colours like emerald green, burgundy, and dark blue are combined with classic sporty silhouettes, flat soles, and a relaxed fit. Many established sneaker brands have brought out their old models and modernised them, including the New Balance 997, which has new retro-inspired colours, and the popular New Balance 530, which is inspired by the classic dad sneaker.

The sporty sneaker

The sporty tech sneaker has been a big hit since the late 90s and is often seen outside the world of sports. The look of the classic sneaker has inspired many new sneaker models, with metallic details and mesh fabric, including the iconic Asics GEL Kayano and Asics GEL1130. The models have been given a more relaxed and stylish fit, suitable for everyday wear. A sporty sneaker is a modern way to add contrast to your suit or colourful dress, adding a bold high-fashion expression to your look.