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The art of table setting is a crucial element of this year's Christmas parties, transforming an ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience. Whether you're hosting Christmas Eve or this year's Christmas party, we give you tips on how to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. Get inspiration for choosing the right colour palette, creating the perfect table decorations and selecting the right tableware for a sophisticated and festive table setting.

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3 tips for setting the perfect Christmas table

Whether you're an experienced host or a novice looking to impress, these little tips will help you create a harmonious and appealing table arrangement. From understanding the basics of placing tableware, to adding the personal touches or what makes a meal memorable, these tips are designed to be adaptable and effective for any occasion.

The Christmas Cloth | Inspiration for the annual christmas table

The Christmas Cloth

The foundation of any beautifully set table is the tablecloth. Classic red, deep green, shiny gold and crisp white are traditional choices that instantly bring the festive spirit to the table. Or use an embroidered tablecloth with classic Christmas motifs to create the illusion of a decorated table without having to add additional decorations to the table.

Mix & Match | Inspiration for the annual christmas table

Mix & Match

To create a unique Christmas table, mix your everyday and festive tableware. Explore your collection for different glasses, tableware and cutlery. The key is to find a unifying element, like a colour or design that brings harmony to the many different items. This mix-and-match approach adds a personal touch and a modern twist to your Christmas table, making it unique and personalised.

Christmas ornaments on tables | Inspiration for the annual christmas table

Christmas ornaments on tables

Make your Christmas table setting even more exciting by using the extra Christmas decorations you have in a creative way. The decorations that didn't find a place on the tree can be perfect decorations on the table or hanging from a branch above it. It's an easy and effective way to create Christmas spirit, even in everyday life, without the need to invest in new table decorations every year.

The traditional Christmas table

The essence of a traditional Christmas table lies in its timeless elegance, blending tradition with a warm, inviting atmosphere. Central to this theme is a rich and warm colour palette of traditional Christmas colours, where deep reds and greens are highlighted with touches of gold or silver, representing Christmas and creating a cosy and festive atmosphere. When it comes to tableware, the traditional table is often set with fine china, adorned with subtle Christmas motifs or in solid festive colours.

But even if you stick to tradition, it's the personal touches that make the table unique. Incorporating family heirlooms, such as antique silverware or embroidered tablecloths, can add a personal story to the table setting and make Christmas more meaningful.

The traditional Christmas table | Inspiration for the annual christmas table

The modern Christmas table

The modern Christmas table connects contemporary style with the Christmas spirit, moving away from the traditional to embrace a world of unconventional colours, quirky decorations and modern tableware. It's an expression of individuality and modern aesthetics that offers a fresh take on Christmas.

On the modern Christmas table, the colour palette deviates from the classic reds and greens and instead leans towards more adventurous choices. Muted pastels, striking blues or even bold monochromatic colours give the table a modern and stylish look. Table centrepieces also take a more experimental turn. The focus is on unconventional and personalised motifs, moving away from classic hearts and stars and instead decorating the table with a mix of recycled finds and new Christmas decorations.

The modern Christmas table | Inspiration for the annual christmas table

The organic Christmas table

The organic, nature-inspired Christmas table is a harmonious blend of simplicity, modernity and a deep love of natural beauty. It's inspired by the calm and understated elegance of Scandinavian design, which emphasises natural materials, rustic elements and a clean, minimalist aesthetic. This approach to table setting creates a calm and inviting atmosphere perfect for a relaxed Christmas party.

At the heart of an organic Christmas table is the use of natural materials. Wood in various shapes, branches, pine cones and fresh greenery give a fresh, earthy feel and are perfect for table decorations. Rustic stoneware is a perfect match for this type of table setting. Its textured, imperfect finish gives a handmade feel that suits the organic theme and allows soft earthy colours and neutral tones to be integrated into the table.

The organic christmas table | Inspiration for the annual christmas table