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At, we have a mission to connect our customers with the biggest design brands in Scandinavia. We are driven by an insatiable thirst to explore and highlight the best in Scandinavian design. It's a thirst that leads us to seek out new and exciting brands, but also to dive deeper into our brands' collections to find the hidden gems.

Our close relationships with our brands are not only a result of our shared passion for design, but also an expression of our deep respect for their craftsmanship, as each brand brings a unique perspective to Scandinavian design and interior design.

Once again this year, we have travelled from Hobro to the heart of Danish heritage in Copenhagen to participate in 3daysofdesign. For 3 days, central Copenhagen is transformed into an epicentre for the biggest Nordic brands, where they are ready to meet retailers and like-minded design enthusiasts face-to-face. at 3daysofdesign | &Tradition x Jamie Hayon

"Where Would We Be Without You?"

This year, 3daysofdesign celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special theme: "Where Would We Be Without You?". A theme that honours all the hidden heroes that contribute to making a design a reality. Behind every design are countless questions and conversations, challenges and changes. Endless prototypes, processes and procedures. Invisible variables with unexpected outcomes. And last but not least, countless hours of fine-tuning before a concept sees the light of day.

Many people contribute their ideas, expertise, talent and techniques. Creative minds with a shared desire for design to have a positive impact on society and the planet as a whole, ultimately paving the way for a future we can all look forward to. This celebration culminates this year in an exclusive anniversary experience with more than 290 brands gathered in the centre of Copenhagen. And this year, on its 10th anniversary, it's clearer than ever that 3daysofdesign is a celebration of the design world and all the people who make it what it is.


Nanna Ditzel 100 Years | Løvstræde 1 Copenhagen

Taking Design to New Heights

At Fredericia Furniture, we had the pleasure of participating in the celebration of Nanna Ditzel's 100th birthday. Ditzel, one of Denmark's most recognised designers, known for her innovative approach to design and as a strong woman in a then male-dominated industry. To mark the occasion, Trapholt has organised the most comprehensive exhibition ever of Ditzel's work, running from 28 September 2023 to 11 August 2024. at 3daysofdesign | Fredericia Furniture

Chaconia Chair by Nanna Ditzel

To mark the occasion, Ditzel's Chaconia Chair went into production for the first time ever. Originally called simply the Lounge Chair, the chair has now been renamed the Chaconia Chair, inspired by Ditzel's popular Trinidad Chair. Chaconia is the national flower of Trinidad, and the chair is thus a tribute to the island where Ditzel drew great inspiration. The exhibition features Ditzel's original work from 1962 as well as two recreations in the characteristic blue textile. To mark the occasion, 100 exclusive copies will be produced in Ditzel's own textile design Hallingdal 200 and each chair will be numbered. at 3daysofdesign | Fredericia Furniture

J39 Chair in new iconic Mogensen colours

At the same time, we were presented with a host of exciting new products, including the iconic J39 chair in three new colours, with the prospect of two more new colours in the autumn. These new colours are not just random choices, but are deeply rooted in the rich history and aesthetics of his country house and studio in Lynderup by the Limfjord. The new colours of the J39 chair are inspired by the wild nature and beautiful views of the fjord that created a free space for Mogensen, framed by wood, bricks and tiles. The new colours of the J39 chair are a tribute to this free space. at 3daysofdesign | Fredericia Furniture


Colours of Comfort | Skindergade 38 Copenhagen

Colours of Comfort

Our trip to 3daysofdesign wouldn't have been complete without a visit to Montana, known for their Scandinavian colours and modular storage systems that offer endless possibilities for personalised interior design. During our visit, we were introduced to their latest additions to the range under the theme "Colours of Comfort".

"Colours of Comfort" features shades focused on creating a calm and appealing warmth to the room. They are gentle and soothing, but at the same time deep and nuanced, making them vibrant and changeable. The concept offers an exciting new addition to Montana's colour palette, focusing on expanding and complimenting the rest of Montana's colour family to add a new dimension of comfort and cosiness to their existing range. at 3daysofdesign | Montana

"Colours are ephemeral by nature, constantly changing with light and surfaces. In the same way, there is something natural about a colour collection that can contain changeability. That's why when developing the new colour palette back in 2018, we decided to leave some holes open in the palette so that we could add new colours later on."

– Margrethe Odgaard at 3daysofdesign | Montana

Well-known classics in a new setting

In addition, we were presented with a number of new products, including extensions and beautiful details for their iconic modules as well as a new universe that will help create a whole in the smallest details. The well-appointed Montana Showroom offered a beautiful holistic experience of the Montana universe. Entire rooms furnished exclusively with Montana furniture and inspiring environments that combine fresh new products with iconic Danish design from Montana's original range. at 3daysofdesign | Montana


Under ONE ROOF | Kronprinsessegade 4 Copenhagen


At &Tradition, we were invited inside a fully furnished apartment where &Tradition had created a 360° sensory experience under the theme "Under ONE ROOF". Here we were presented with a range of their classic designs, beautifully arranged in a homely environment that really showed how &Tradition furniture can transform any space.

One of the highlights was the Arkheia Room, a space that acted as a living archive for &Tradition's classic designs. With drawers designed to store original sketches from designers such as Hvidt & Mølgaard and Arne Jacobsen, this room served as both an exhibition and a useful archive for product design and development. Here we were also presented with the original versions of selected design classics that have been redeveloped by &Tradition over the years. at 3daysofdesign | &Tradition

Teatro Surreal

In "Teatro Surreal" we were taken further into the world of Jaime Hayon, where we got an insight into the inspiration and brains behind some of &Tradition's greatest designs. We entered "Teatro Surreal", a multidimensional installation that simulates a theatre set with oversized characters illustrated by Hayon himself. Here we were introduced to the exclusive edition of Formakami, among other Momento elements. at 3daysofdesign | &Tradition x Jamie Hayon

Verner Panton Lounge

The "Verner Panton Lounge" beautifully showcased Verner Panton's innovative approach to interior landscapes. Here, geometry and installations were utilised to create a space that captured the essence of Panton's vision for modern interior design. The modern clean designs combined with the fluid design of the original 1970's Black and White Pattern VP2 Flowerpot chandelier highlighted the designer's eye for modern interior design in this captivating exhibition. at 3daysofdesign | &Tradition