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At, we love seeing our customers put their own personal touch to their home by styling and decorating with furniture, lamps and interiors from our range. They share their beautiful homes and personal decor with us and the rest of the world on Instagram, and we are inspired by their originality every day. We love to see how each chair, vase or lamp takes on a new life in their creative hands.

Our home universe is wide-ranging and contains hundreds of home items. That's why we're so excited to see how the same products take on a new and unique character when they become part of different homes and interiors. Explore the many beautiful homes and interiors that our amazing customers have shared with us and let's get inspired together.



In this beautiful section of @by_blogliv's kitchen, you'll experience a contemporary Scandinavian decor that combines the traditional with the playful. The kitchen drawers, window and elegant radiator covers have a classic country-style design, while trendy colors and new modern designs further adorn the kitchen. The MATIN lamp from HAY adds a playful element to the kitchen with its purple color and pleated design.


Explore the organic Scandi style at @nyponvagen. Here you'll find a harmonious fusion of warm shades, raw metals and delicate ceramics in earthy tones that create a peaceful oasis. The living room is beautifully equipped with a multifunctional and sophisticated String bookcase that is carefully decorated with decorative elements from Muuto, among others. The wall is also decorated with a simple abstract poster from Poster and Frame and is the perfect way to give your home a light artistic touch. If you're looking for inspiration to bring art into your interior design, read our guide to the perfect gallery wall here:


In @katiiiinka's modern Scandinavian living room, one encounters an atmosphere of coziness and homeliness. The harmonious composition of light wooden furniture and pure white elements emphasizes the beautiful decorative elements of the home, such as glass vases, asymmetrical mirrors and beautiful ceramics. In the living room, a classic sofa is combined with the extravagant NORR11 Gear Table, and in the dining room, modern barber chairs, a natural wood table and a timeless pendant light combine to create a unique and stylish look.



The subtle and clean look is at the very heart of the interior design at @dromhuset1. The many shades of white and gray tones beautifully complement each other in the purest form of Scandinavian decor. Although the decor has a simple and monochrome color palette, it experiments with different materials and textures such as the marble from &Tradition's Lato table and Ferm Living's Arum Floor Lamp. There are also soft textiles and organic elements that tie the decor together beautifully.


Let yourself be inspired by the sophisticated combination of Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism, known as Japandi style, elegantly presented in the home of @felicianilsson. The use of muted earth tones, raw white and beige combined with dark stained wood and walnut creates the perfect balance that the Japandi style is known for. To achieve this aesthetic living room, she has decorated the home with a soft textile sofa, dark wooden furniture and of course the modern rice paper lamps, here in the popular Formakami model from &Tradition. Get inspired and guided to decorate your home in Japandi style here:


At @myfirsthome_pal meets Scandinavian elegance, glamorous charm. A mix of white marble and luxurious golden details and a neutral parpallete gives a clean and modern look to the kitchen at @myfirsthome_pal's home. Here, she has chosen to decorate the kitchen table with the beautiful Ballon Vases from Louise Roe, adorned with beautiful fresh flowers that of course match the neutral color palette.

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