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Inspiration for decorating the hallway
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Inspiration for decorating the hallway

The entrance hall is often one of the most difficult rooms to decorate optimally, as both functionality and style must come together. Nevertheless, the entrance hall is one of the most important rooms in the home as it both welcomes your guests and gives a first impression of your home. Whether you prioritise functionality or interior design, here are three tips and a lot of inspiration to get the most out of your hallway.

3 tips for organising your entrance hall

The entrance hall needs to fulfil a lot of needs and there are high demands on storage, multifunctionality and appearance. There are many smart and stylish solutions to these problems, and to find the perfect solution for your entrance hall, here are three general tips for designing the perfect entrance hall in your home.

The entrance's function

The first step when designing your hallway is to assess what functions the room should fulfil. Do you need space for the whole family's wardrobe and bags, do you just need storage for a few coats and shoes, or is the hallway an extension of the living room and needs a stylish design?

The room size

The size of the entrance hall often determines the options you have when it comes to interior design. If you have a large hallway, you may be able to assemble a spacious shelving system and create plenty of seating in the room. On the other hand, if you have a small, narrow hallway, you can look for smart wall-mounted hallway furniture that doesn't take up too much floor space.

Alternative layout

If you want to give your entrance hall a more spacious and inviting atmosphere, you can also resort to more alternative interior design methods. If you have a small hallway where you want to create the illusion of a larger space, choose light colours when it comes to paint, wood and furniture. In a larger hallway, experiment with darker tones and heavy carpets to create a more cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Wardrobe solutions

Wardrobe solutions come in many designs and with different functions. The advantage of choosing a complete wardrobe solution is the flexibility and multifunctionality that allows you to gather all your storage in one large piece of furniture. Flexible wardrobe systems also make it easy to customise the wardrobe exactly to your hallway and your needs. Many brands also make ranges of hallway furniture, with shoe cabinets, coat racks and benches that have the same design and therefore give the feeling of a cohesive wardrobe solution.

Many of these smart all-in-one pieces are available with doors and drawers for a cleaner look in the hallway. But several of the models also have an open design, where the outerwear and shoes become part of the entrance hall decor. At Byflou, you'll find a wide range of flexible shelving systems and storage solutions for the hallway from brands like HAY, String and Montana.

Functional hallway furniture

If you're short on space in your small hallway or simply want to keep your interior design minimalist, functional hallway furniture is a good choice. With several different pieces of hallway furniture, you can create a more personalised look than with large shelving systems and still achieve the same functional storage.

In addition to being able to hang your coats in the hallway, a good seating area is an important function. Add a simple, stylish stool or bench that is both practical for wearing shoes and an easy place to put your bag. At the same time, a sideboard or shelf can also be an easy way to add more storage space for hats and scarves, but also for keys and wallets that are often thrown away in the hallway.

Mirrors, hooks and other entrance accessories

If you want to personalise your hallway and create a sense of a complete space, you can choose to decorate your hallway with accessories such as mirrors, hooks and rugs. While they serve a function, they are also an easier way to showcase your personal style in the hallway.

A mirror in the hallway is handy when you want to check your outfit before heading out the door and also adds the illusion of a larger space. A simple set of coat hooks also gives you the opportunity to remove bags from the floor and they come in many beautiful and unique designs. A rug or mat is also a must in the entrance hall to avoid dirt from shoes. With a beautiful rug, you can add a personalised twist and create a more welcoming atmosphere in the entrance hall. If you want more smart and easily accessible storage, you can use colourful boxes and baskets to store mittens, scarves and hats.