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Pure By Nat

Necklace - Zodiac chain

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Zodiac chain - Necklace from Pure By Nat

Star sign necklace from the Danish brand Pure By Nat made by designer Camilla Stenfeldt. Camilla has many years of experience in the jewelery industry and with her jewelery brand, Pure By Nat, she wants to create her own jewelery universe.

  • Is available in the following variants: Silver Capricorn 22.12-20.01, Silver Aquarius 21.01-18.02, Silver Pisces 19.02-20.03, Silver Taurus 21.04-21.05, Silver Cancer 22.06-22.07, Silver Leo 23.07-23.08, Silver Virgo 24.08-23.09, Silver Sagittarius 23.11-21.12, Gold Capricorn 22.12-20.01, Gold Pisces 19.02-20.03, Gold Cancer 22.06-22.07, Gold Virgo 24.08-23.09, Gold Libra 24.09-23.10, Gold Scorpio 24.10-22.11, Gold Sagittarius 23.11-21.12, Oxidised Capricorn 22.12-20.01, Oxidised Aquarius 21.01-18.02, Oxidised Pisces 19.02-20.03, Oxidised Taurus 21.04-21.05, Oxidised Cancer 22.06-22.07, Oxidised Leo 23.07-23.08, Oxidised Virgo 24.08-23.09, Oxidised Scorpion 24.10-22.11, Gold Aries 21.03-20.04 &

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