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Bean Bag - RETROit Cobana Junior / Out & indoor

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RETROit Cobana Junior / Out & indoor - Bean Bag from SACKit

RETROit Cobana is a modern beanbag you can use indoors and out. The beanbag is both water resistant and abrasion resistant which means you can take it outside in the sun or gray weather. The chair keeps its shape and is not bleached by the sun.

Outdoor and indoor model of Cobana beanbag from Sackit is the most popular model due to the unique and retro design and water resistant delicious material.

Bean bag with functional design that can be used both inside and out!
SACKit re-imagined beanbag with this modern classic. RETROit is the only beanbag chair where you can sit down with a cup of coffee in one hand and a book or tablet in the other - and still sit well! Up until you can get up again without having to "climb" out of the chair

RETROit is composed of two separate bags / space there, which is associated with strong velcro. Once you settle on one, the other pressed up and support your back. Forget shapeless beanbag chairs, which is fumbling on the floor. This beanbag is thought through Danish design in a fantastic quality. Come by the store and try beanbag. It looks good and is great to sit in. If you want the chair for indoor use only, you can save 500 kr by selecting indoor model.

Good design must be functional and look good
We all remember the shapeless beanbag chairs that just lies around and mess up on the floor! Sackit RETROit bean bag is exactly the opposite. It is thought through Danish design that not only looks great and but also gives amazing comfort. Form and function merged into one here!

Bean bag that holds its shape

Sack it has built RETROit beanbag inside of two individual "inner bags" which are separated by a "wall" of Velcro. When you sit in the chair, the two inner parts are pressed against each other for optimal support and comfort in the back. It's kind of smart!

This bean bag is durable as hell. The chair is made to be used (... you know how very much). Sackit by beanbag quickly becomes the family's favorite place and why they made the chair in the durable quality materials that will last for years.

Throw the beanbag outside and it will repel the rain
Cobana-beanbag is the beanbag in the series born water resistant. This can be done because Cobana substance has a special coating on the inside, to ensure that water can not penetrate. The substance is prepared in 100% Olefin synthetic material, which can not be eliminated by the soil moisture. Therefore, you can safely let the chair stand out - even if it rains. However, we recommend that you put the chair under cover of heavy rain, as water can penetrate into the chair at the seams - and we all know that a wet chair is not comfortable to sit in.

No fading in the sun and beautiful Hand Stitches
Outdoor model here of the beanbag is made of a synthetic material that does not fade in the sun.

The beautiful hand-sewn stitching along the edge makes each product unique. The thread is in a strong hørkvalitet which gives the design edge and a raw look.

  • Is available in the following variants: White, Sand Melange, Black, Grey, Light Grey, Rose & 82 x 65 x 65 cm


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