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Plate - Gastro tallerken

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Gastro tallerken - Plate from Bitz

Absolutely unique and a one-of-a-kind plate from the brand new Gastro series by BITZ.  The plate is glazed with reactive glaze, which makes each dish have its own unique pattern. With its rustic design and large surface it is an ideal plate in the Nordic kitchen. The plate can withstand both the dishwasher, the microoven and the oven. There will be scratches and cuts on the plates. That's not a mistake, but simply just a twist that makes the dish more rustic and unique.

  • Large: Ø27 x H2.5 cm
  • Small: Ø21 x H2 cm
  • Material: Stoneware
  • Suitable for dishes, microwave and oven up to 220 degrees
  • Unique colors and patterns in the glaze
  • Is available in the following variants: Large - Black/Dark blue, Small - Black/Dark blue, Large - Grey/Light blue, Small - Grey/Light blue, Large - Grey/Black, Small - Grey/Black, Large - Green/Green, Small - Green/Green, Large - Black/Amber, Small - Black/Amber, Large - Grey/Pink, Small - Grey/Pink, Large - Grey/Cream, Small - Grey/Cream, Small - Black/purple, Large - Black/Purple, Large - Grey, Small - Grey, Large - Light Blue, Small - Light Blue & Ø27 x H2,5 cm, Ø21 x H2 cm


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